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Friday, June 29, 2007

American Baptist Register of 1852 Obituaries

Now it is time for alphabet letter "J":
James, Robert, pastor of the Newhope Church, Mo., an efficient and beloved minister, died in 1851.
Jennett, C. B., was born in Halifax Co., Va., in 1823. In the fourteenth year of his age he made a public profession of religion. He graduated at Columbian College, and commenced his ministry in Mecklenburgh and Halifax counties, Va. In 1846, he settled as pastor of the church at Petersburg, where he continued for two years and a half, and where he baptized more than one hundred converts. In November, 1849, he accepted an unanimous invitation from the church in Augusta, Georgia, where he labored, with great zeal for about two years. He died of consumption in Oct. 1851, aged 28 years. [Obituary for Rev. Charles B. Jennett appears in the Augusta Daily Chronicle & Sentinel on page 1, March 14, 1852]
Johnson, John C., was born in Kentucky, became a practical Christian in early life, removed to Illinois in 1847, and after a zealous ministry of four years, died at Mill Creek, Randolph Co., Ill., in 1851.
Johnson, J. N., of the Valley Association, Va.
Jones, John Taylor, D.D., the oldest missionary among the Siamese-eminent for scholarship, and devoted to his sacred work, - died at Bangkok, Siam, Sept. 13, 1851.
Jones, Richard, Muhlenburgh, Ky., Oct. 1851, aged 52.
Jordan, William D., was connected with the Sister's Baptist Church, Washington Co., Georgia, and after a life, whose course was "marked by great piety and simplicity," he died in 1851.



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