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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

London Visit Afterthoughts

After my return from this journey to London I have had time to reflect on just how much I enjoyed the trip and all that it included. There were so many people that I was priviledged to meet and exchange business cards with that I am still trying to digest all of it.

Some of my photos are loaded into Picassa and now it is time for me to begin to share them. While I was grabbing a snack in the upper level of the conference center I sat at a table adjacent to Lisa Louise Cooke and her husband Bill. This is a lovely couple and we had some very nice exchanges. Lisa is host of a wonderful genealogy program:

One place I was able to visit while in London was a historic church which I had read about and studied from a distance. This church is one of the oldest Baptist Church buildings in the world; Metropolitan Tabernacle. One of the pastors was Charles H. Spurgeon in the mid-1800 time frame. The service which I attended was at 11 a.m. on Sunday and I was pleasantly surprised to see the entire building was filled to capacity. When the services ended I met a couple sitting beside me from Tennessee. He was working with a branch of the military at a city in the far Eastern part of England. They drove to London just to attend these services.


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