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Saturday, June 30, 2007

American Baptist Register of 1852 Obituaries

Now it is time for alphabet letter "K":
Kallock, Amariah, was ordained in 1830, in Thomaston, Me., where he labored with good success for nearly twenty years, when he became pastor of the First Baptist Church in Augusta, Me. In the spring of 1850, he resolved to go, with a number of members of his church, to California. On his arrival, he commenced his labors in San Francisco, with great zeal, and much promise of success; but in a few weeks was suddenly cut down by disease, and close his useful career deeply lamented by all. Though Bro. K. entered the ministry without a liberal education, yet his strong native powers, his knowledge of human nature, his graceful manners, and his earnestness as a preacher, raised him to prominence among his brethren, and made him, by divine blessing, a very successful minister of the Gospel.
Kenyon, ------, Morrisville, N.J., died June 28, 1851.
Knapp, Wm. S., Canaan, N.Y., August 14, aged 39 years.



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