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Saturday, June 30, 2007

American Baptist Register of 1852 Obituaries

Now is the time to post alphabet letter "L":
Langston, James, died in Lexington, Georgia, in 1851. His ministerial labors were short, but acceptable and useful.
Lawrence, Horace, a faithful and useful minister of the Panola Association, Miss., died in the triumphs of faith, May 15, 1851.
Lentell, Richard, a graduate of Brown University, and a faithful Baptist minister, died of yellow fever, at New Orleans, September 24, 1851, aged 36 years.
Leonard, Hon. Byrom, for several years one of the State Senators of Ohio, afterwards Warden of the State Penitentiary, and one of the Vice-Presidents of the Ohio Baptist Convention, after a pious and useful life, died Dec. 27, 1850
Logan, John, Pastor of Newhope Baptist Church, Illinois, died in 1851.
Lovell, N. G., was a graduate of Brown University, and pastor of the Baptist Church in North Attleboro, Mass. He was esteemed for his amiable and ingenious character. He died at Valley Falls, R.I., aged 46 years.



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