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Saturday, June 30, 2007

American Baptist Register of 1852 Obituaries

Now is the time to post alphabet letters "M" "N" & "O":
Manning, Edward, of Nova Scotia, labored in the Gospel with distinguished success, for half a century, as pastor of the 1st Baptist church in Cornwallis. He possessed a vigorous intellect, and penetrating judgment,--he was a cordial and persevering advocate of all our education institutions and of the missionary enterprise, foreign and domestic.
Mathias, Joseph, died at Hilltown, Pa., March 13, 1851. For forty-five years he was the faithful and greatly esteemed pastor of the Hilltown Church. The church speaks of him as "faithful, active, and untiring in his labors in the cause of Christ." He was suddenly and unexpectedly called from his toils to receive his eternal crown.
Meredith, Thomas, was born in Pennsylvania, and was one of the efficient band of minister who studied with Rev. Dr. Staughton, in Philadelphia. He died at Raleigh, N. C. where for many years he had resided, editing the "Biblical Recorder," and taking a prominent and leading part in all enterprises adapted to the promotion of the interests of Christ's kingdom. He exerted a wide and beneficent influence, and his memory is tenderly cherished by the churches of North Carolina, and indeed of the whole land.
Morehead, Joesph J., a pious and efficient minister of the Louisville, Missouri, Association, died in 1851.
Moreman, John, was connected with the Union Baptist Church, Greenville Co., Geo., for many years, and died there in 1851, greatly esteemed for his pious and upright deportment.
McAllister, Robert, Kentucky.
McDonald, Alexander, pastor of the Carleton Baptist Church, St. John, New Brunswick, was prudent in counsel, and kind in Christian deportment. His many virtues, and especially his fidelity and diligence gained for him a universal respect.
McKenzie, John, was born in North Carolina, in 1780. In early life he removed to Georgia, was baptized by Rev. Jess Mercer, commenced preaching 1807, and after a useful ministry of forty-five years, aged 72, he fell asleep in Jesus, in Pulaski Co., Georgia, August, 1851.
McNabb, Robert, of Carthage, N. C. Was murdered 1851.
Norton, Noah, was ordained pastor of the 2nd church, Bowdoin, ME., in 1822, became pastor of the church in Brunswick, Me., in 1836, and died at an advanced age in 1851. He was a good minister of Christ.
Osborne, Luke, a tutor in the Kalamazoo Institution, Mich., died Nov. 4, 1850, but a few months after his graduation at Madison University, in the 25th year of his age. He was a good scholar, and a modest, amiable and devotedly pious young man.

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