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Saturday, June 30, 2007

American Baptist Register of 1852 Obituaries

Now it is time to end the alphabet with "P" - "W":
Parsons, -------- , Pastor of the Baptist church at St. Pauls, Minnesota, died on his return from a collecting tour in the Eastern States on board of one of the Western Steamboats.
Pillsbury, Stephen, was born at Amesbury, Mass., Oct. 30th 1781. He labored six years in the ministry, was pastor at Hebron fifteen years, at Sutton five years, and subsequently at Dunbarton and Londonderry, N. H., where he died Jan. 22, 1851, aged seventy years.
Putnam, Benjamin, for many years favorably known in New England as a minister of excellent spirit, and devout piety, died after a protracted illness at Billerica, Mass, in 1851.
Ringold, Thomas, was Deacon and Clerk of the Church in Linden, Ala., of which church he was a constant and useful member for twenty-four years. He was born in North Carolina in 1785 - removed to Marengo Co., Ala., in 1818 - was baptized in 1827 - and was honored with many offices of civil trust. He was Judge of the District Court, and died at Linden in 1851.
Royce, L. D., was ordained pastor of the 2nd church, Thomaston, Me., Oct. 17th, 1848, where he labored with great acceptance and zeal, nearly two years. But declining health compelled him to retire, and he died in the autumn of 1850, at Malden, Mass.
Scott, Geo. H., Ky.
Shepherd, E. S., died at Alman, Me., 1851, aged 31.
Shepherd, Wiley, commenced preaching in Geo., in the year 1812, and for 37 years labored faithfully in the Kingdom of Christ. He was esteemed as one of the Fathers of the Ebenezer Association, Geo., of which he compiled a History, which will probably by published by the Association.
Sherman, O. J., of Illinois, died 1851. The efficient pious labors of this brother made his loss deeply felt by the churches.
Sinclair, J. B., of Ohio, was pastor of two churches in Wills Creek Association at the time of his decease.
Smith, E. B., was born 1792 - ordained 1835. He died June 17th, 1851, in Indiana. The seventeen years of his ministry were spent in connection with the Indianapolis Association. Some three hundred were baptized by him. He was self-denying, persevering, and consecrated to his work.
Snowden, N. R., died in Philadelphia, in 1851, aged years. He passed the greater part of his life in connection with the Presbyterian Church, of which he was a highly esteemed minister. A few years ago he embraced our distinctive sentiments and connected himself with the Eleventh Church, Philadelphia, of which he was a member at his death.
Stephenson, Jonathan, an aged servant of Christ, died in Henry County, Tenn., Oct. 10th, 1851, in the 72nd year of age.
Stickney, Geo. W., was ordained pastor of the church in Camden, Me., Feb. 6th, 1848. He loved his work, and was much beloved by his people, but was compelled, by ill health, soon to relinquish his labors. He died in Waterville, Me., in 1850.
Thompson, J. P., died in Philadelphia, July 20th , 1851, in the 76th year of his age. He was converted in India, was baptized by Rev. D. Carey, and was a faithful servant of God. He labored as a missionary in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
Tilson, E., Clerk of the Straight Creek Association, Ohio. He was an able advocate of the cause of Christ, and active in promoting the various benevolent enterprises of our day.
Tomlin, Christian, of Pendelton Co., Ky., died, Aug. 20,1851, aged 69.
Tuttle, Eliada, Pastor of the Church at Booneville, N. Y., died at his father's residence, Clinton Co., N. Y., on the 30th of October, 1851, in the thirty-seventh year of his age.
Vandivere, A. T. N.,, after a very successful ministry of seven years, in Georgia, died, Oct. 1851, in the 34th year of his age.
Very, Edward D., pastor of the Baptist Church in Portland, New Brunswick, and Editor of the "Christian Visitor", was one of the most valuable brethren in the Provinces. He was a native of Salem, Mass., and a graduate of Dartmouth College. As a minister and Editor he was indefatigable in his labors; of high integrity, inflexible decision, and great practical talent. His efforts to advance the cause of the Redeemer were abundant, varied, and eminently successful. His early and lamented death was justly regarded as a great public calamity. He was drowned in Windsor River June 8th, 1852, with Prof. Chipman and four students of Acadia College.
Wedge, Albert, was born Dec. 12, 1808, in Oneida Co., N.Y. He was converted at the age of fourteen, and ordained in 1821. He died in Indiana, Sept 28th, 1850. He was a plain, pointed preacher and indefatigable in his labors.
Wells, Amos R., Glens Falls, N. Y., aged 56 years.
Wheeler, Charles, was born in Massachusetts, and died in the 66th year of his age. He was a graduate of Brown University, and a class-mate of Dr. Judson. He was a good scholar, and as a Christian, distinguished for his qualifications in every walk of life. He lived to occupy some prominent positions, and passed the last ten years of his life as President of Rector College, VA.
White, Thomas, Deacon, connected with the 10th Baptist church, Philadelphia, died suddenly, --, 1851. He was a liberal and devoted Christian, seeking to improve every passing opportunity for doing good.
Wilson, John F., Deacon, of Society Hill, S. C., Treasurer of the Association, a prudent counsellor, a patient laborer, and a liberal supporter of all benevolent societies, died in 1851.



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